I have been working in different areas of communications since 1980 - initially in the UK and for more than 30 years in Switzerland. I have gathered extensive experience in print and multimedia - in particular writing and editing for a variety of different business domains: from building and construction, through specialty chemicals and pharma, to IT and implant dentistry. 

My skill lies in simplifying and organizing material to make it accessible and readable for a target audience. Time is at a premium, so it is important to be brief but also to guide readers through material with visual cues so they can focus on the sections that interest them most.

My knowledge of languages – I was brought up speaking Polish at home, studied French at London University and later learned how to speak German – means that I have a good grasp of how languages work. I offer translation from German to English and my background means I can provide a translation that is true to the original while also expressed in idiomatic English.